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This article appears in the December-January issue of Central Ohio's CUES & TIPS magazine.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” How often do we hear that carol and fail to realize the significance of this time of year – and the many religious holidays. The world is extremely noisy and chaotic. The media is on overdrive, the ads are nonending, and the expectations are daunting among family members. The noise of chaos comes with the news reports of shootings, charges brought against many, and a world that seems to be built on “Me first” or “Me only.” And amidst all of this noise, we need to look for the beautiful sounds and the gentler side of people. What better place to do this that in an activity that is based on fun and good friendship. Eldon gave our club the motto of “It’s fun to have fun.” This seems like a simple statement, but it is not. This attitude requires us to be respectful of others, to not add to the chaotic noise of the world, and to see the cup as half full instead of half empty. My heart broke at the first school shooting – for why should children become targets. And then it broke again with the attacks on houses of worship – for why should those who want to feel peace face fear instead. And what about the attacks on our government officials – our first responders – our professionals? I could go on, but I personally want to feel that “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” And when I want that, I think about the positive points of square dance – as I do with several other activities I have. So, square dancing is JOY, PEACE, RESPECT, CONCERN, FRIENDSHIP all set to music. Enjoy your dancing friends during all the holidays.


At the writing of this article, we have had only one of our November dances. That one was on the 11th with Gary Kincade and Phyllis Burdette. It was great to have a theme which recognized our veterans who did so much for our freedom. On the 25th we will have our 15th Anniversary Dance with Jack Pladdys calling and Chuck Berry cueing. This dance is a way to remember all those who worked to establish this club and all those additional members who have worked to make the club a success.


In December, we look forward to our first Hi-Lo dance on the 9th of the month. This dance will be called by Bob Daye, our instructor, and cued by Mark Johnson. This is a great dance to bring your students to. We angels enjoy seeing our new dancers at their first dances. At the end of December, please consider our Pre-New Years Eve Dance with callers Mark Patterson and Wes Dyer and with cuer Chuck Berry. This will be a Plus dance, and there will be two halls for this dance. This dance includes early rounds and advanced dancing. What a wonderful way to ring out the old year, so plan on coming on December 30th to St. James Lutheran Church [5660 Trabue Road, Columbus] from 7:00 to 10:30. Check out our flyers at www.grovecitywesternsquares.com for more information.


Now for 2018, we usher the year in with a dance on January 13th. This is a Student Level Dance – and a Pizza night. We have caller Ed Laudenschlager and cuer Sue Powell – all students can come free to this dance. Again, plan on coming to support our students. This is our only dance in January as our dance site has a conflict on the 4th Saturday. We have two dances in February. On the 10th, we have Tom Davis as our caller with Sue Powell as our cuer. They will help make our Valentine’s Dance a hit. On the 24th, we have Jason Raleigh as caller and Phyllis Burdett as cuer for our Chili Cook-off Hobo Dance. All our dances from January through April 14th are Hi-Lo. This will give some great floor time to our new dancers.


Lessons continue with our students on Monday nights at the Evans Center. Bob Daye is working us out nicely – to have more new dancers. We are moving on from Basic to Mainstream and then on to Plus. It seems our group is really picking things up quickly and having a great time doing it.


Again, note that our new banner chairperson, Anita O’Donnell, is on the job. Call her with any banner requests at 614-940-0922. This month we have had banner activities at Bucks and Does, Hicks and Chicks, and Little Brown Jug – and more as the opportunities become available for us. It is fun to help support each other in our dances, and we hope to see you at our dances as well as visiting your dances.


We are getting ready to wish our snow birds well. It is good that some of us stay around to enjoy our lovely gray Ohio weather. That said, we hope that those going south do so carefully and have a great time dancing in warmer weather.


To all of you, we wish a joyous Christmas as well as other religious observances. We also look forward to a wonderful New Year. We hope to see you in a square soon. 


Barb Lovingshimer, Club Secretary.