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This article appears in the February issue of Central Ohio's CUES & TIPS magazine.

I’d like to start out writing about our interesting winter – for now it looks like we are having some of the snow we should have had last year – but all at once. And the ice adds a new dimension to driving. But then this would be an old topic for me. Yet, I do have one opinion about our present events. After teaching for 35 years and being retired for 11 years, I still get excited for school closings – almost to the point of doing my happy snow dance when I hear the news. When those closings come, I think about the joy of a leisurely day with fewer pressing needs. But, when we have to cancel our dances or classes because of the weather, we just feel that something is missing out of our week – and our times with our special dancing friends. These cancelations are not given lightly, but after careful thought about the safety of the dancers. So, bear with any club that has to lose a dance night. We want all of our dancers to stay healthy and careful.

Our Pre-New Year’s Dance was very successful, but then our January time went to nothing. Due to the weather coming in over the weekend, we lost the January 13th dance time, and we were unable to get the Center for the 27th dance so none was scheduled. Thanks to all our callers who were at the dances, and thank you for the understanding callers who took the cancelation at the last minute so well. If there is ever a change in our dances, check our web-site and Facebook page for the news of the dance.

We have two dances scheduled in February. On the 10th, we have Tom Davis as our caller with Sue Powell as our cuer. They will help make our Valentine’s Dance a great time. On the 24th, we host Jason Raleigh as caller and Phyllis Burdett as cuer for our Chili Cook-off Hobo Dance. We have three dances in March to put on your calendars. On the 10th, we will have caller Kristy Williams and cuer Phyllis Burdette. Then on the 24th we host Danny Beck as caller and Sue Powell as cuer. Finally on the 31st, we close out the month with a two hall dance – Jack Pladdys and Tom Strickland will be our callers with Linda Bishop as our cuer. For this dance, there will be advanced dancing from 7:00-9:00, pre-rounds from 7:00-7:30, and plus and rounds from 7:30-10:30. The charge for this dance is a little higher than our others, but look at all the activity available.  All our dances through April 14th are Hi-Lo. This will give some great floor time to our new dancers.

Our lessons are going so well with Bob Daye working us out nicely. Those in the class are having so much fun – laughter is a major trait.  We are moving on from Mainstream and then on to Plus. It is a joy to see how well they are doing and how they enjoy going to our dances and others.

On that note, remember Anita O’Donnell is taking care of any banner activities. Call her with any banner requests at 614-940-0922. She will contact your club as the opportunities become available for us. Banner activities are our life blood. They cause us to support each other’s clubs and to get more chances of dancing with more callers.

Our club family would like to extend our condolences go John and Denise Cowan and his family on the death of his mother before Christmas. Our condolences also go to Cindy Gilfillen and family on the death of her father in early January. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

To all of you, we wish uneventful trips to work. around home, and dances. Be careful on the ice, in the snow, occasional refrozen slush out there, and keep your balance. We hope to see you in a square soon.

Barb Lovingshimer, Club Secretary.