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This article appears in the October issue of Central Ohio's CUES & TIPS magazine.

Time – it is unrelenting, constantly in motion – it is the keeper of memories, both good and bad – it is the lessons that we learn in life – and it is a marker of all our experiences. Yes, it was just my birthday and I am firmly in a decade I’d rather not be in. But that is not what I am thinking about now. I am remembering some square dance history.


Westerville Promenaders celebrated 50 years this past spring. And Johnny Appleseeds in Mansfield celebrated this same milestone on September 22nd. Wow, what a feat. And what did it take to reach this milestone? HARD WORK AND LOYALTY. I have been in the activity long enough to see some great clubs who have had to close their doors due to money issues, or due to the loss of a hall, or due to aging members and no new blood, or due to [and this is the saddest of all] the same people needing to take offices over and over again since other members would not step forward. So, good work Promenaders and Appleseeds. You faced your challenges and you overcame them – and for this we need to support you and appreciate the additional place to dance.


Not only have the number of clubs fluctuated, but the number of dancers and their ages are changing. I remember the story of a well-known national caller talking about calling a regular dance in a hall full of squares. Someone had a heart-attack in the front square. The dance stopped as three doctors [who were dancers] came to the rescue. Why doesn’t that happen today? The demands of a society with multiple activities – some of them not needing the time to learn. The pressures of a work schedule with “creative hours” with no regularity. The hundreds of organized activities for kids in school [whether ours or our grandkids] which demand travel time and participation. This is sad, but we are working to bring our numbers up. And some of us have even had our successes in starting clubs. [Our club feels young at sixteen years.] So let’s all show the kind of determination that these well-seasoned clubs – the Promenaders and Appleseeds – have.


Let’s support each other’s dances – either individually or in a club banner activities.


Here are some special opportunities coming your way from Grove City Western Squares. We end September on the 29th with caller Kristy Williams and cuer Phyllis Burdette. This is one newer caller for us and the area – so come and support her. In October, we have two dances. The first one is on the 13th with caller Jimmy Robison and cuer Dave Blaskis. We should all be well into Fall and all its activities. In this light, on October 27th, we will have a Halloween Dance with caller Travis Cook and cuer Chuck Berry. Feel free to wear a costume if you wish. Over the years, we have had some really creative ideas.  There will be prizes for this.


Moving on into November, be sure to put these dates on your calendars. On November 10th we will have a Veteran’s Day dance with caller Dave Stuthard and cuer Mark Johnson. [Sort of a homecoming for Dave as he was instrumental in helping our club keep going after Eldon lost his battle with cancer.] On November 24th we will host caller Tom Strickland and cuer Chuck Berry. Check out more on our future dances on Facebook and on our website: www.grovecitywesternsquares.com. 


We had a great start to our lessons with around twelve coming to our free classes. Bob Daye is our instructor and we will have our classes at the Evans Senior Center on Mondays at 7:30 – 9:00 PM.  Note the time change. This change will be beneficial to many people who have to get up early for work. The students will still learn the same amount.


Please remember Steve and Mary Furniss. He had shoulder replacement at the end of this month and will need lots of TLC from Mary. Troopers that they are, Mary will still keep up all her duties as president – and I am sure that Steve will be right back to dancing as soon as he can. Also, we remember Tom and Erma Wolf who both are handling health issues. We miss seeing them.


Be careful this Fall. We look forward to seeing you in a square.


Barb Lovingshimer