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This article appears in the summer issue of Central Ohio's CUES & TIPS magazine.

For a couple of years, I worked at a retail company in the human services department. And did I learn about listening carefully! One call I had to make to a store concerned an employee who had not been working recently. The manager pointed out that the person only worked on Sundays and hadn’t been there for a couple of months. For the first time I was able to use the expression that “she has not been there in a month of Sundays” accurately. I was so tickled until I realized that the person on the other end of the phone line didn’t get it – and I had no luck explaining. To her it was a useless expression. Just as the time Eldon and I sat in on a conference with a math teacher concerning Eldon’s daughter. After I heard the teacher using the expression “these kinds of students” several times, I asked for a clarification. After I asked one more question, here is what the teacher said, “I am not going to answer any more of your questions because you are listening to me.” Needless to say, the principal said the meeting was over.


I wish that we had a rewind button on our brains. We might be surprised at the interesting things we say. One person I worked with told her students she was so mad at them for not listening to her, they could figure out their homework assignment. Wow, was she embarrassed. Another one told at least two students that “you will never amount to anything.” How do I know of this last one? I ran into the nurse who served in the armed forces and raised a firefighter AND the optician at a very successful eyeglass store who told me this had been said to them. My point? “Keep your words soft and tender in case you have to eat them.” Words have power – and we need to keep that in mind with dancers who are new or having problems with the moves. Let’s be supportive of one another to keep our activity vibrant and friendly. [I am off my soap box now.]


We are looking forward to our summer dance schedule. Remember that our summer dances are casual – and our hall is nicely air-conditioned.


We enjoyed our May events. Our 50’s Dance with Jack Pladdys and Phyllis Burdette was a tremendous success – with some dancers with great 50’s clothing. We hope that everyone enjoyed the State Convention and that your Memorial Day weekend went smoothly.


Our June dances are exciting. We will be sponsoring a free Summer Fun Dance on June 4th. This dance will be called by Jason Raleigh and run from 7:30-9:30. On the 9th, we host the Relay for Life Charity Dance with the callers Jason Raleigh, Tom Davis, and John Ramsey, along with cuer Mark Johnson. This is a wonderful opportunity to support precious cancer research. Anyone who has survived cancer as well as anyone who has lost a loved one to it know the importance of this research. Come and support this dance. On June 23rd, Tom Strickland and Phyllis Burdette will be here to entertain us for this evening. On June 30th, we have a two hall dance with callers Mark Patterson and Travis Cook, along with cuer Phyllis Burdette. Check out the flyer for the schedule.


Moving on into July, our first dance of the month will be on the 14th with Homer Magnet and Mark Johnson. Then on the 28th, we will have Bob Daye and Chuck Berry. Closing the summer up in August, on the 11th, we will host Jack Pladdys and Mark Johnson. The final dance of the summer is August 25th, when we will host our End of Summer Picnic Dance with Mark Patterson and Chuck Berry.


Wow, there is something for everyone. Check us out at www.grovecitywesternsquares.com and on Facebook. There are also flyers available.


We wish to announce our officers for the 2018-2019 Square Dance year:

Mary Furniss will continue as our club president, Cindy Gilfillen will carry on as our club vice-president, Jim and Debbie Meyer will work again as our club treasure, and Janet Bell will now be our club secretary. It is so good when people choose to support the club by filling  these offices, but we also are successful because of the many who do other jobs of scheduling callers and cuers, maintaining our web-site and preparing flyers, sending out cards and notes of encouragement – plus all those who help set up and tear down for dances along with those who supply the treats. Again, our activity is based on teamwork within the club itself along with the support the clubs give each other in banner activities and just visiting each other. We were honored to be able to extend to the community by putting on a demo at the Sanctuary Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in May. We also are going to Deer Creek in June to entertain the U.S. Postal Managers meeting


As you travel around this summer, take care of yourselves. Enjoy the conventions and festivals that are available. Find a way to demo our square dance activity – at the State Fair or an opportunity that becomes available. Relax and have fun during your vacations – even if is only for a day or two – or weeks. Just remember to find your way back home safely – and come to our dances when you are in town. We look forward to seeing you in a square.


Barb Lovingshimer, Club Secretary for 2017-18.